Attack on Titan: Universe is a ROBLOX Roleplay group founded in 2014, currently owned by Kaka_Ruisi and have over 2000 group members.

This Roleplay group is based on Attack on Titan Series. Every ROBLOXians who love Attack on Titan and want to roleplays with other peoples, this group is a best choice to join.

The Story of this group is that you become a normal civilian and lived inside Wall Rose, and you have two choices to choose, become a normal civilian for your whole life, or become a greatest soldier and fights back Titans for Humanity by joining Trainee Corps and start your career from Trainee Cadet to A Royal King's Guard in Military Police, A Keeper of the Wall and District in Stationary Guard or Be the Wings of Freedom in Scouting Legion. This is your choices, this is where your stories begin.


There are 4 Branches in this group, Trainee Corps, Scouting Legion, Stationary Guard and Military Police. Here, you can find informations about Branch Members, Ranks, Test, etc.